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Residential Real Estate Sales: Reviewing Your Purchase And Sale Agreement

You may be recently married, and looking to buy your first home. Or maybe you’re selling your current home and upgrading or downsizing to another. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, you want to make sure that your transaction runs as smoothly as possible. At Lintott Law, we possess the experience to guide you through your residential purchase and sale. Located in Calgary, Alberta, we help you keep the process moving, and will resolve any issues that arise. Real Estate Investors: We can help you complete the purchase and secure your financing documents, and then assist you with selling, leasing or renting the property.

Understand Your Rights And Responsibilities

For buyers, we walk you through the process of what to do when problems arise, such as issues with an inspection, or the condition of a home upon possession. If you purchased a new build condominium, we will ensure you understand your legal rights regarding occupancy, registering ownership and utilities, and calculating the associated closing costs. For sellers, we negotiate how to proceed with undertakings and conditions regarding the sale. We will ensure you understand the terms of your agreement, and what legal recourses you have at your disposal if certain conditions have not been met.

Closing The Transaction As Smoothly As Possible

When you are moving into, or out of a home, many different priorities may compete for your attention. A delay with your real estate transaction should not be one of them. If problems arise, we will identify your legal rights. We will ensure you understand what is expected of you and what is expected from the other party. Our real estate lawyers will outline the options available to you for resolving the issue, and the potential costs and outcomes of each one.

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