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Estate Planning: Creating Wills, Personal Directives and Powers of Attorney

At Lintott Law, we understand that thinking about your passing may not be pleasant. But when your life changes: through marriage, divorce, a growing family or newly acquired property – you should consider how you will provide for surviving family members. How will you distribute your wealth to your loved ones? How will family members handle your affairs if you become sick or incapacitated, and unable to provide instructions? At Lintott Law, our team will put estate law to work for you. Based out of Calgary, Alberta, we take the time to answer your questions and explain the estate planning options you can choose from. Unsure about how to set up your Will, Personal Directive or Power of Attorney? Arrange a free consultation with Lintott Law.

How We Plan Your Estate

We will work closely with you to identify your unique needs. If you die without a will, legislation can dictate what happens to your estate. A valid will is the best means to ensure your wishes will be followed after your death. Lintott Law offers several estate planning services:
  • Drafting your will
  • Preparing an Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Preparing a Special or Specific Power of Attorney
  • Preparing a Personal Directive
Our estate lawyers will find out what matters most to you regarding your estate plans, and offer customized advice on how to draft your will, power of attorney, trusts and other testamentary documents. We will prepare these documents efficiently and affordably. Our rates are listed on our website.

Assistance for Executors Administering an Estate

Lintott Law also assists executors with the probate process. We can help you understand your role as an estate trustee and what duties you need to perform to efficiently begin administering the estate assets.

We will also represent estate trustees, beneficiaries, powers of attorney and family members if there is an estate dispute. We will identify your obligations and authorities as an estate trustee or power of attorney, as well as determine the legal rights of beneficiaries and surviving family members.

Get Your Estate Plan Started Today

Estate planning is one of the best ways to secure your loved ones’ future. Contact us for a free consultation or call us at (403) 520-2288