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Foreclosures and Alternatives

Foreclosure can be stressful for everyone involved. At Lintott Law, we understand the perspectives and needs of both sides. Our lawyers are often visible in the community as public presenters on the topic of foreclosures and real estate law. That is one reason why many lenders and borrowers turn to our firm for reliable advice on handling foreclosures throughout Alberta.

Helping Lenders Get The Best Recovery Possible

Our legal team also provides efficient, professional service to help lenders maximize recovery and minimize processing time. Experience has shown that the longer it takes to conclude a foreclosure, the more money lenders lose. If you are facing arrears from a borrower, the team at Lintott Law can step in. We will work strategically to help you identify opportunities to optimize your recovery. Then, we will work  diligently to keep your file moving forward until it is concluded.

Informed, Strategic Approach To Face A Foreclosure

Many borrowers do not know what to do when facing foreclosure and end up making the mistake of failing to take quick action. The consequences of failing to act promptly are usually serious. Our lawyers can quickly provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to make an informed decision. We will take the time to:
  • Answer all your questions
  • Determine if you can avoid foreclosure
  • Identify and assess the alternatives
  • Arrange refinancing wherever possible
  • Negotiate a payment plan with lenders
  • Refer you to financial experts and real estate agents

Don’t Delay On Foreclosure. Consult With A Lawyer Today.

Our legal team provides personalized, efficient and affordable service. We look forward to acting as your source for legal help. Call us today at (403) 520-2288 or use our online form.