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Courts have authority to revamp foreclosure redemption time

The court has the authority to reduce the six-month period of redemption for payments owed on a mortgage. An Alberta property owner has that amount of time to bring the mortgage up to date before foreclosure proceedings begin. That time can be reduced if there is very little or no equity in the property.

Things to consider before buying a foreclosure

Many real estate investors are drawn to forecloures due to their lower list price. However, before taking the risk of purchasing, Alberta buyers should do their homework. Here are a few considerations that can help a buyer decide whether a foreclosure is worth buying, or whether it could end up being more trouble than it's worth.

What homebuyers should know about buying a house in foreclosure

For real estate investors who like to flip houses, foreclosed homes can be one opportunity to give new life to an unfortunate circumstance. There is a great deal of work that goes into fixing up a home that was once in foreclosure, especially if its condition is poor. However, Alberta designers and real estate professionals have some tips on how to prepare for this venture.

Fort McMurray sees sharp increase in foreclosure claims

A natural disaster coupled with economic challenges has led to difficult times for many Fort McMurray homeowners. Courts in the Alberta oil town saw 105 foreclosure claims between April and Oct. 2017. This sharp increase amounts to nearly double the claims compared to the prior fiscal year.

Foreclosure does not automatically follow a missed loan payment

Buying a house is a substantial commitment, and when a homeowner experiences unanticipated circumstances that jeopardize his or her ability to make mortgage payments, the house may be lost. Foreclosure is a word that no Alberta property owner -- or lender -- wants to hear. It could be as damaging to the mortgage provider as to the homeowner. Unfortunately, it is something that can happen to anybody at any time.

Foreclosure numbers rise due to job losses and excessive debt

Many homeowners in Alberta are facing the loss of their residences -- some have already lost their homes. Facing foreclosure is stressful, and many people have no idea what to do or where to seek help. Reportedly, the number of Calgary residents who lost their homes over the past year is 2,277.

Foreclosure can be equally stressful for borrower and lender

Property owners in Calgary and surrounding areas in Alberta who are experiencing problems with maintaining mortgage payments may have unanswered questions about their options. Foreclosure is a time filled with stress and anxiety -- not only for the borrower who might lose a house but also for the lender who seeks recovery. You may have attended one of the public talks about real estate transactions by an attorney from Lintott Law.

How to recognize a foreclosure scam

When Alberta homeowners experience tough financial times, they may fear losing their homes. Unfortunately, foreclosure threats may cause people to grab at straws without realising that any offer that sounds too good probably is too good to be true. Although there are remedies to such situations, desperation to hold onto the property may make a homeowner susceptible to swindles. Anybody who tries to rush a private purchase may have ulterior motives.

Remedies to prevent foreclosure are available

Homeowners in Alberta who experience financial difficulty may fear loss of their homes. They may want to revisit their loan documents to see what the consequences of payment failures may be. Gaining knowledge of the province's foreclosure laws and the timeframes may be beneficial. Some individuals are nervous about opening mail from their lenders during difficult times, but these notices may include valuable information about options to prevent foreclosure. Taking early action may enable a homeowner to reinstate the loan.


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