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Scrutinise the fine print on real estate transactions

Homeowners in Alberta who want to list their homes for sale through a real estate agent surely want to avoid being rushed into signing any documents. Real estate transactions involve written agreements that will be legally binding once both parties have signed them. A signed listing agreement with a brokerage firm gives the company and its sales person the right to represent the homeowner in marketing and selling the property.

Real estate transactions best done with legal guidance

The housing market in Alberta does not decline during winter. Real estate transactions continue, and some buyers may have weather-related concerns. Nobody wants to take ownership of a house in the middle of winter when the roof and eavestroughs are packed with snow and frozen leaves. However, if damage occurs after buying the property but before closing and taking occupation, who is responsible for the repair costs?

Often overlooked aspects of real estate transactions

When an individual in Alberta considers buying a home, gaining all relevant information can prepare the purchaser for the responsibilities that will come with the decision. Real estate transactions can be complicated, and having the support of a professional person to navigate the legalities can be a great help. While this is an exciting time, both the pros and the cons must be considered.


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