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Can cryptocurrencies be accepted for real estate transactions?

Cyptocurrency has led to debates and discussions in a variety of industries. Across Canada, real estate professionals have begun discussing whether real estate transactions will ever be done using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. In response, a renovation company in Calgary has made an unprecedented move by allowing customers to pay for services using cryptocurrencies. 

Are auctions the future of real estate transactions?

Real estate is not typically bought and sold by auction in Canada. However, a luxury family home in Calgary, Alberta is becoming an exception to the rule. The home has been listed for $3.88 million but has had no buyers come forth over the past two years, sparking the idea for a bidding war. Auctioning properties, while rare, can instigate real estate transactions which may otherwise be difficult to come by through traditional means.

Man struggles with bank's handling of real estate transactions

When purchasing real estate, payment can come in many different forms. Unfortunately, even some of the most secure  Alberta real estate transactions can be subject to problems once a seller shows up to the bank. A Calgary real estate investor recently faced this issue when the bank misplaced a certified cheque worth $415,000.

Increase in real estate transactions involving condos predicted

As the Alberta real estate market continues to shift, new trends are emerging across the country. In Edmonton, downtown condominiums are becoming increasingly popular choices downtown buyers. Experts say that proximity to amenities and a downsized living space are among the reason they foresee an increase in real estate transactions involving condos in 2018.

Technical glitch may impact Alberta real estate transactions

Technology plays a significant role in many industries now, and when that technology stops working, it can have a major impact. This is the case in Alberta, where the land titles portal was knocked offline during an update over a late November weekend. Buyers are advised pay close attention to any real estate transactions that take place while the land portal is down.

How to handle mortgage payments after real estate transactions

Mortgages are frequently used by people to purchase residential real estate. Some Alberta residents may wonder what options are available to them to pay off their mortgages more quickly following residential real estate transactions. However, many families may be balancing the desire to make extra payments with other financial priorities. While paying off a mortgage as quickly as possible can be a good idea, there may be some drawbacks worth considering.

Can people use their RRSPs for real estate transactions?

As older Canadians move towards retirement age, many are considering how best to invest inside their RRSPs. One of the options available for Alberta savers is to invest in real estate. However, those seeking to use their RRSP to support real estate transactions and property investments should know some of the legal restrictions and regulations related to these holdings.

Investors considering real estate transactions have options

Across the country, people often look to property as a key investment opportunity. Alberta residents who are new to this unique kind of investing should first establish their strategy and understand the laws involved in real estate transactions. Some of the most popular ways people go about purchasing real estate for the purpose of a financial return include "flipping" homes, running rental properties, and "wholesaling."

Preparations before listing residential real estate for sale

When a homeowner in Alberta decides to sell his or her home, several aspects may need attention in preparation. Even if the services of a residential real estate agent is acquired, the property must be prepared for showing. Neglecting to take care of seemingly insignificant details can leave money on the table.


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