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More people showing interest in rural real estate in Alberta

There's something to be said for living in the country. And it seems many Alberta residents are gravitating to more rural settings by the recent surge in real estate sales in those areas. Realtors believe that more people want to get back to basics in light of what has been happening in the world and a rural setting is the place where they can grow their own gardens, raise some chickens for fresh eggs and generally experience a more laid-back existence.

In fact, many real estate salespeople from larger urban areas like Calgary have clients who are asking to be shown properties in rural areas and realtors are complying. Many of these rural areas have been popular with retirees, but a new kind of buyer is showing interest -- younger people with families. They are liking the close-knit community feeling and the safety aspect for their children.

Since many of these smaller communities aren't that far from their city neighbours, people can move out of the city but still keep their city jobs. The commute is relatively easy and more people have been working from home lately. The Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) believes it's too early to tell if this is a major buying pattern or not and will continue to monitor sales numbers.

There are many variables that affect the purchase and sales of real estate in Alberta. No matter what the market is doing, people will always be transacting real estate and will need the help of an experienced lawyer to close the deal. A lawyer helps his or her client to understand contracts, leases, appraisals, inspections, documents and other legal processes involved in acquiring or selling property. 

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