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More people showing interest in rural real estate in Alberta

There's something to be said for living in the country. And it seems many Alberta residents are gravitating to more rural settings by the recent surge in real estate sales in those areas. Realtors believe that more people want to get back to basics in light of what has been happening in the world and a rural setting is the place where they can grow their own gardens, raise some chickens for fresh eggs and generally experience a more laid-back existence.

Is your franchise non-competition covenant reasonable?

Organizations are built on the strength of their contracts. From a small family business to a large organization with international clients, contracts form the foundation upon which the company is built. Likewise, franchise agreements are in place to ensure the franchisee follows the guidelines established by the mature organization. Various clauses, however, might be deemed too restrictive.

Disadvantages of owning a franchise

Individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit will often seek new and exciting business opportunities. Many will explore the strategy of buying into a franchise. There are proven benefits to this action such as immediate access to an established brand, buying power and an existing customer base. However, there are certain disadvantages that franchisees should also remember.

Estate planning: A joint account vs. an enduring POA

Parents always want what is best for the children even when their kids become adults. Most Alberta parents have their children in mind when they begin estate planning. One of the issues they may ponder is how to leave the most to their kids in their wills and they might consider avoiding probate as a way of doing that.

Are you ready to invest in a franchise?

Franchising is like getting a jumpstart into entrepreneurship. Food, fitness, pets and countless other retail and service industries offer franchise opportunities for those who wish to be business owners but want the support and name recognition of an already established company. Thousands of companies are franchised in Alberta and across Canada, and there are many options that go beyond the fast food model.


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