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Online auctions becoming popular for real estate sales in Alberta

There's a new way of buying land and it seems to be working out well. With things the way they are right now in the world, people have had to think of new ways to do things and that also goes for the sale of real estate in Alberta. People interested in buying land usually have a walk around it, but on-line auctions for acreages in the province are taking off like wildfire.

To put things into perspective, in May a brokerage company based in Calgary auctioned off two parcels of land online -- 22 acres in total -- for more than $2 million and the sale happened within hours. This month, the same company will be putting a 2,651-acre parcel and 320 leased acres online for auction. The land also includes a 5,628-square-foot mansion.

Online auctions are even becoming a popular way to buy farms in Alberta. Would-be purchasers can view a video of what's for sale without having to physically visit the property. With a simple click of a computer mouse, one can become a property owner by participating in a public, online auction. 

Even if the way in which property changes hands morphs into something new -- like through an online auction -- a lawyer is still an essential part of these deals in Alberta. A lawyer ensures that these transactions uphold the laws that govern them. A lawyer plays a crucial part in the closing of these deals as well. A lawyer will always act in good faith when it comes to the interests of his real estate clients.

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