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Estate planning: Keeping the peace over end-of-life wishes

Taking about end-of-life plans with loved ones is not the most pleasant of conversations, but it is an important one. Alberta residents who are looking to do some comprehensive estate planning most likely don't want their plans to cause any family disagreements, so speaking with loved ones about end-of-life wishes is a discussion that needs to happen at some point. A discussion should be compassionate, honest and a testator should be able to explain the reasons behind his or her decisions and to have loved ones weigh in on them.

Having a designated executor for an estate plan who can devote the time to the task is necessary. Administering an estate is not always easy and loved one should know who that person will be. An executor should be someone who is comfortable communicating with beneficiaries as well as being a trusted individual who can make some difficult decisions if the need arises. It may also be wise to discuss funeral arrangements with loved ones, which may cause less confusion or hurt feelings when the time comes.

A testator may even wish to discuss such details as the wording of an obituary and/or what the testator would like to have happen with his or her remains. Encouraging these conversations will be helpful to family members in the long run -- even if they're uncomfortable at the time. Family members may appreciate the chance to be involved in estate planning.

Alberta residents who need advice and guidance on estate planning, might wish to consult an experienced lawyer. A lawyer can sit with a client and discuss a client's personal situation and make suggestions on what documents would be wise for a complete estate plan. It is better to leave nothing to chance -- better for a client and his or her family members.

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