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Cannabis companies facing litigation suits stateside

Big players in the cannabis industry are facing class action lawsuits stateside. Recreational cannabis use is legal in Alberta, along with the rest of the country, but the industry hasn't been without its issues, including a number of litigation cases. Problems range from allegedly misleading investors to failure to disclose issues in business due to major losses in the stock market.

The importance of estate planning for new Alberta parents

New parents are likely overwhelmed with having a new addition in the family, even with all the joy they feel. Alberta couples or single individuals who are parents for the first time may not even have estate planning on their radar, but they actually should for a number of reasons. No parent ever wants to think about being in a position of not being able to care for their baby, but planning for unforeseen events is crucial.

Real estate: Alberta home prices expected to jump in 2020

The year looks golden for those thinking of selling their homes in Wild Rose Country. A recent market survey regarding real estate in Alberta shows that home prices are expected to rise, especially in two major markets -- Calgary and Edmonton. Home prices in Cow Town are expected to increase by 1.5% in 2020 over last year, bringing the median price for a single family home to about $477,000.


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