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Climate change spurring litigation suits

Class action lawsuits regarding the climate are on the rise around the world. Whether they involve flash floods, wildfires or rising tides, climate change litigation cases are becoming more the norm and some of those are related to Alberta oil sands projects. In fact, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) has called for better reporting on material climate risks. 

Corporate news: WestJet to have added eastern presence after sale

One of the country's major airlines is spreading its wings. WestJet -- whose home base is in Calgary, Alberta -- has lit up the corporate world with news that it is intending to beef up its presence in the eastern part of the country. The announcement comes on the tails of the airline's sale to a private equity firm for $5 billion. WestJet plans to fly into Pearson International Airport more frequently.

Recovering GDP a shining light on Alberta real estate market

Things are looking up for Calgary's home market. Alberta's Cow Town has had some good news recently regarding the real estate sector which is now poised to come out of a yearslong downturn. In fact, the market in the entire province is rallying due to overall increased economic growth and a more lively gross domestic product sector. 


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