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Premier makes summit trip touting Alberta's corporate environment

The premier of Wild Rose Country wants to let foreign entrepreneurs know the province is open for business. Premier Jason Kenney recently attended the Trilateral Commission's North America Summit in Mexico City to tell the corporate world Alberta is a place in which they should consider investing. There are incentives the province has put into place, the premier says, that create an affable business environment such as job creation tax cuts.

Alberta also has plans to slice the corporate tax rate from 12 to 8% by 2022-23. creating a more business-friendly climate. Mexico is Alberta's third largest trading partner. Kenney pointed out how Alberta can contribute to energy security and global prosperity. He also targeted Alberta companies who have jumped ship and are doing business out of province to try to entice them back home.

The premier's trip was the first official trip to Mexico by an Alberta premier since 2002. The country is one of Alberta's quickest growing export markets according to latest statistics. The trip cost Alberta taxpayers about $24,000.

The corporate climate in Alberta is currently a positive one. Entrepreneurs thinking about doing business deals in the province may find a lot of guidance and advice from a lawyer experienced in business law. Whether it's negotiating for a client in the acquisition of a multi-billion dollar company or helping with a small startup, a lawyer can advise clients regarding their legal rights, responsibilities and obligations. A lawyer can also assist clients with the financial information they must provide to owners, employees and shareholders.

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