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Company offers tools to help Calgarians to buy, sell real estate

Homebuyers and sellers in the Calgary area will now have the opportunity of getting the best price on their purchases. A Calgary-based company has come out with a product to help those searching for their next real estate deal to easily access data that may help them to get a fair price for their next homes. Information includes the last sale price of all Calgary residential properties. 

The company's founder says its mission is to help Calgarians to make the best decisions when it comes to keeping, selling or buying a home. Its aim, he adds, is to give those in the market free and instant real estate transparency by offering real estate analytics and market predictions to assist them in buying and selling property. Some of the information buyers and sellers are able to access includes estimates of daily prices, data regarding permits and transactions, growth rates in neighbourhoods and assessed price history.

The company plans to expand into all of Alberta and eventually into all of Canada. HonestDoor also expects to be able to offer information regarding future price projections and identification on individual homes and neighbourhoods moving forward. It hopes this will give buyers and sellers an indication of which homes in which areas are more apt to appreciate quicker. 

Tools that help Calgary residents to buy and sell real estate more easily may make the process more enjoyable. Regardless of what those tools are, a lawyer needs to be involved in the transaction process at some point. A lawyer can offer his or her advice when it comes to the contract and should be involved to see to important details such as the statement of adjustments, searching title right down to getting the keys to the buyer upon closing. 

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