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Estate planning to prevent elder abuse situations

There are various tools which can be used to thwart potential elder abuse. During estate planning, Alberta residents can make decisions regarding their futures as they age while they still have the mental capacity to do so. Some wise things to do while a person is still mentally capable could include setting up joint bank accounts, trusts, paving the way for supported decision-making and co-decision-making. Doing these things could prevent potentially abusive situations for seniors.

Supported decision-making may be the right thing for those who have trouble hearing, communicating in English or French, or who otherwise just need a bit of help for a while. Co-decision-making is more geared for adults who have trouble making decisions on their own, but are likely to be able to do so with the help of another person. These people usually don't have a guardian or a personal directive.

It is also extremely important to have a will that is written while one has the mental capacity to do so. When it comes to informal trusteeships, they may be helpful for adults who have diminished capacity, but who still could make decisions regarding finances with help. In any case, individuals chosen to help these people should be trustworthy and capable of always acting in the best interests of the person they are assisting.

There are many things for Alberta residents to consider when in the midst of estate planning. A British Columbia lawyer can help get all important documents in order while a client still has the mental wherewithal to do so. Estate planning doesn't need to be cumbersome or confusing, especially when one has some knowledge of the laws that govern it.    

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