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Safety app offered to Alberta real estate agents after assault

Buying or selling a home can be exciting. But for Alberta real estate salespeople and those elsewhere in the country, it can also be dangerous. Salespeople often work alone, most don't work set hours, and it can be particularly dangerous for women. After the recent sexual assault of a female Calgary real estate agent who was overseeing an open house, the Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) is making a special safety app available to its members.

The emergency response app was created particularly for salespeople who are working alone while showing homes or attending open houses. Using the app won't increase AREA membership dues, and it allows the user to alert people they are in danger or to call emergency personnel to their location via GPS. Users will also be able use the app to view areas that may be sketchy or under threat of some sort.

A real estate agent wants to keep his or her clients safe, but needs to think about his or her own safety as well. Getting a sale or a listing is necessary for a salesperson to ultimately put money in his or her pocket, but it is not worth risking his or her life doing so. No one should feel unsafe doing what they have chosen to pursue for a career.

A lawyer experienced in real estate law in Alberta wants his or her clients and their representatives to be safe as well. Compassionate lawyers take care of the legal aspects of deals inked by their clients, but also often have close working relationships with the realtors who represent them. Their safety is of paramount importance.  

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