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Challenging wrongful dismissal in Alberta with litigation

When an employee finds him or herself fired from a job, he or she may not have been given a reason. When Alberta residents believe they have been let go from jobs unjustly, they may have cause for wrongful dismissal litigation. It may be, too, that they haven't been offered enough severance pay or no severance pay at all. A call to a lawyer may be the best first step to take in such cases.

An employer can end an employee's job in Canada in two ways: firing – for cause and without notice or termination without cause after giving an employee reasonable notice or payment. Severance is based on a number of things, including how long the employee had been working for the company, the chance the employee will find other work and the type of employment. Being fired without being given a reason or without severance can leave an employee feeling helpless and frustrated.

The circumstances surrounding being wrongfully dismissed vary with individual employees. Employees who have been so dismissed and who wish to submit a claim for wrongful dismissal must try to find other gainful employment while moving forward with litigation. Obtaining legal advice is crucial.

An Alberta lawyer experienced in employment litigation may be able to help employees who believe they have been wrongfully dismissed from their jobs. An individual should seek legal counsel before settling with an employer or signing any documents. Challenging an alleged intimidating employer may be less stressful with the help of a lawyer. 

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