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Litigation in Alberta: Union fight provincial bill

Union leaders and the provincial government are coming to blows over what leaders say is the stripping away of bargaining rights of public sector employees, including nurses. The climate is one that could lead to litigation between Alberta and the unions, which have about 200,000 members provincewide. The Head of the United Nurses of Alberta said the move by the province is the biggest betrayal by the government to alter terms of conditions of the union's contract.

Challenging wrongful dismissal in Alberta with litigation

When an employee finds him or herself fired from a job, he or she may not have been given a reason. When Alberta residents believe they have been let go from jobs unjustly, they may have cause for wrongful dismissal litigation. It may be, too, that they haven't been offered enough severance pay or no severance pay at all. A call to a lawyer may be the best first step to take in such cases.


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