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Estate planning: Alberta DIY will kits not the wisest idea

Most people like to cut corners to save a few bucks. But there are some areas that Alberta residents should have professional help in doing and one of those areas is estate planning, particularly when it comes to writing a will. Do-it-yourself will kits might be inexpensive or come without any cost at all, but they could also be challenged when the time comes.

It is crucial that a will contain all the elements of a testator's last wishes and will kits may not fit the bill when it comes to being comprehensive. There also may be room for misinterpreting the contents in a DIY will kit, and since each testator's circumstances are different, will kits don't leave room for individuality. They may also have areas that are erroneous and may need interpretation, which could cause undue stress to loved ones.

For a will to be considered valid, the testator must be mentally capable at the time of the drafting of the will. When a lawyer is involved in drafting a will for a client, that usually does not come into question since a lawyer will ensure a client has the mental capacity during the time the will is written. This lessens the chance the will be will challenged on those grounds.

An Alberta estate planning lawyer will understand the dynamics of a client's personal situation when assisting him or her in writing a will. DIY kits are one size fits all which isn't the best situation for an estate planning document. A lawyer will ensure all estate planning documents are in order and legally binding.

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