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Actors entice purchasers at residential real estate open house

With the real estate market being in a bit of a slump as of late, realtors have had to step up their games to get homes sold. An innovative Alberta realtor has come up with an inventive way of trying to sell residential real estate listings by literally bringing home staging to life. The company has hired actors to be on hand in the home when potential purchasers are present.

These actors portray life as it could be in the home. The realtor said he wanted to do something different and creative to peak the interests of home buyers. Therefore, actors are baking in the kitchen and watching the game on a big screen TV, and there is even someone having a relaxing bubble bath. Anything is game if it helps buyers to envision themselves living in the home.

Real estate is a competitive field, and with residential real estate transactions slowing down, many realtors are thinking outside the box to get the deal done. That may even mean shelling out a few extra dollars to do it. This particular realtor wanted to give the element of surprise to possible purchasers at open houses. 

Real estate adventures can be a lot of fun. Buying or selling residential real estate may be one of the most exciting adventures in a person's life. So, ensuring that the contracts in those transactions are legal and binding, an Alberta lawyer's experience may come in handy. A lawyer can assist a client through the entire buying or selling experience -- right down to handing over the keys to a client's new home.

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