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Residential real estate tips for condo buyers

When looking for a home, buyers have many options to choose from. Those who are seeking a location closer to one of Alberta's city centres may find a condominium to be a more affordable or convenient option than more traditional residential real estate. Those who are considering the purchase of a condo should consider a few specific things when making their choice.

Condo owners often have a few extra things to think about, such as regulatory boards, fees and condo-specific rules. Fortunately for condominium buyers, online reviews can often help them to identify buildings with a bad reputation or past issues. Doing some online searching and, if possible, asking questions to a current or past resident can help to clarify any issues that exist in the location.

When visiting a condo as a prospective buyer, there are certain things to keep an eye on. Are the elevators in good shape, or has building management let this slip? Does the craftsmanship in the building look high-quality? Is the floor plan awkward, or can you hear neighbours through the walls? For many buyers, these issues could indicate a deal-breaker.

There can be many advantages to buying a condominium instead of a free-standing house. This can include proximity to amenities, on-site gym and pool access, and of course a lower price tag. However, these positives will only be maximized if buyers are careful about picking the right condo to buy. Buyers should seek a lawyer who specializes in Alberta residential real estate to help ensure their sale is legally sound and that the offer includes conditions as needed.

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