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Considerations for residential real estate buyers with pets

Many people are know that they need extra space and friendly neighbourhoods when buying a home for a family with children. But what should Alberta homebuyers with pets consider when purchasing a place to live? Here are a few questions residential real estate buyers should ask when seeking a space for themselves and their furry friends.

Location is important when it comes to buying a home for pets. Not only are spaces to walk or proximity to the vet worth considering, but bylaws and other regulations may have an impact. Those buying condos or properties associated with a housing association may find that their furry friend is not welcome at their new home. Additionally, reviewing the municipality's regulations regarding issues like licensing, noise from barking and registration of pets is a good idea before committing to a home in the area.

The yard is another area to consider, especially for dog owners. Buyers should consider whether the fencing is adequate to protect their pet. If a fence isn't there, is it also wise to check neighbourhood covenants and housing association restrictions regarding these barriers.

When buying residential real estate, pet owners should consider elements like pet-friendly doors and a floor plan that can accommodate larger animals. These elements should also be considered by buyers who foresee having a pet in the future, just as homes with more rooms are often purchased by couples looking to start a family. Those who are looking to buy residential real estate in Alberta should also protect their investment by speaking with a lawyer regarding all agreements and paperwork.

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