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Condo Unit Owners: Make Your Space Work For You

Moving into a new condo unit can be an exciting, and frustrating, experience. Some people find it challenging to make the most of their new space.

According to Clutter B Gone, an east coast service that helps home owners maximize their living spaces, there are some tips all condo owners should consider when packing loads of items into a small space.

When you’re purchasing a condo unit, it’s important to make sure you know the full square footage of the unit so you know what space you have to work with. A real estate lawyer will review your agreement of purchase and sale, and help you identify the key measurements you need to know about your purchase.

Look For Storage Opportunities Everywhere

Look for items that can double as new ways to store things, such as putting storage baskets under coffee tables, or having work desks that can easily collapse when not in use.

Use Every Square Inch Of The Unit

Add extra shelves. Utilize little nooks in kitchens with rolling storage shelves. Placed angled bookcases in size-specific crannies or under windows.

Dont Forget To Look Up

Hang plants, or pots and pans from the ceiling if counterspace and shelves are already full. You can also stack books, games and movies to maximize vertical space.

Get The Most Out Of Your Furniture

There’s a whole range of storage furniture available. Benches that double as trunks. Beds with drawers all around the frames. Sofas with storage space under the seats or in the chaise-lounge. Use them to your advantage.

Other items, like low bookcases and low cabinets, can also double as end tables or side tables as well.

Less Is More

To make a space seem bigger, try and keep an open concept throughout your layout. Instead of segregating areas into separate living and dining areas, furniture that can work for both purposes, or can easily be moved out of the way, will make the space seem less confined.

The most important lessen is, if it can store stuff, or has a double use, it can most likely help you make use of a smaller space.

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