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Preparations before listing residential real estate for sale

When a homeowner in Alberta decides to sell his or her home, several aspects may need attention in preparation. Even if the services of a residential real estate agent is acquired, the property must be prepared for showing. Neglecting to take care of seemingly insignificant details can leave money on the table.

The first step in preparation is to clean every nook and cranny inside the house. Once that is done, imperfections can be fixed, a fresh coat of paint may be needed, or a frayed carpet might need replacement. With the inside of the house gleaming, it will be time to tackle the porch and the garden. Make sure the lawn is mowed, power wash the driveway and trim tree branches because first impressions are important. Homeowners may not realize that these steps may even increase the value of the property.

Before approaching an agent, the property owner may want to sit down and crunch some numbers to determine the minimum amount of money that is required to cover the outstanding mortgage and any existing property liens. Once a break-even amount is determined, it will provide a guideline during discussions with a realtor about the listing price. This will also be the time to discuss the agent's fees and commission.

Choosing the agent must also be done with care. In fact, some Alberta homeowners prefer first to secure the support and guidance of an experienced residential real estate lawyer who can protect their interests. He or she could then put them in touch with recommended and trustworthy real estate agents. A lawyer can provide answers to questions and explain the legal challenges of such transactions, while also reviewing all documents before signing.

Source:, "How to Sell Your House", Accessed on July 27, 2017

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