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Preparations before listing residential real estate for sale

When a homeowner in Alberta decides to sell his or her home, several aspects may need attention in preparation. Even if the services of a residential real estate agent is acquired, the property must be prepared for showing. Neglecting to take care of seemingly insignificant details can leave money on the table.

Terms encountered in commercial real estate transactions

For any business owner in Alberta, negotiating for the purchase of commercial property might be one of the most important negotiations he or she will conduct. Understanding some of the terms that will be used may ease the process. Building condition assessment may be one of the first to be mentioned. This is an assessment of the building's structural components, including plumbing and electrical systems and more, and a report on needed repairs, typically done before finalizing real estate transactions.

Foreclosure does not automatically follow a missed loan payment

Buying a house is a substantial commitment, and when a homeowner experiences unanticipated circumstances that jeopardize his or her ability to make mortgage payments, the house may be lost. Foreclosure is a word that no Alberta property owner -- or lender -- wants to hear. It could be as damaging to the mortgage provider as to the homeowner. Unfortunately, it is something that can happen to anybody at any time.

Sears closures may create commercial real estate opportunities

An announcement by Sears Canada Inc. about its intention to close many stores in Alberta and other provinces may have an impact on mall owners across the country. Nevertheless, it will create opportunities for other business owners who are looking for premises in sought-after locations. However, the legalities of commercial real estate transactions -- both leases and purchases -- can be challenging if tackled without legal counsel.


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