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Explore the options before buying residential real estate

Alberta residents who are looking to buy a house have different options, and it may be a challenge to know which choice is best. When purchasing residential real estate, is it best to buy a new or used home? For various reasons, the decision might depend on whether the prospective buyers are gamblers or not. Used homes may come with hidden -- often unpleasant -- surprises while new homes have warranties.

Real estate transactions: The basics of mortgages

When an Alberta couple decides to buy their first house, they may have many concerns and questions. Although they will likely use a realtor to search for their perfect home, they'll also need a savvy real estate attorney. It also helps to gain an understanding of mortgage financing options as they are typically an integral part of many real estate transactions

Steps before committing to a residential real estate purchase

When an Alberta couple becomes a family, a natural concern is where they will live. As the family grows, the possibility of purchasing residential real estate may arise. Of course, buying a home requires careful consideration, and relying upon experienced legal counsel is typically an invaluable asset.

Be prepared for closing costs in real estate transactions

Alberta residents who are looking to purchase a home may look at the asking price without factoring in closing costs, which can account for substantial additional funds. To close deals on real estate transactions, buyers typically have several other expenses that might catch them unprepared. Depending on the urgency of the sale, the seller may be prepared to foot the bill for some of those fees.


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