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Real estate transactions need not be a nightmare

For most Alberta residents, purchasing commercial or residential property might be the biggest and most important transaction they will ever make. The laws surrounding real estate transactions are complicated and not to be navigated without the help of a skilled legal representative. At Lintott Law, you can get the necessary support and guidance to cover all of your legal bases while also protecting your interests.

We offer reliable legal services in the purchasing or selling of condominiums and commercial or residential property. If you consult with us from the onset, we can be your ears and eyes throughout all legal proceedings. Each transaction will be scrutinised for improper or ambiguous wording. Any aspects of documents that may compromise your interests can be addressed.

As your legal counsel, we can provide answers for all your questions and explain the options to allow you to make informed decisions. Along with all types of real estate transactions, our lawyers also assist with title insurance and transfers, builder's and construction liens, mortgages, refinancing and commercial leasing. Furthermore, legal issues related to landlord/tenant disputes, foreclosures and mortgage fraud also fall within our fields of experience.

At Lintott Law, your will have your legal needs related to real estate transactions met by a team of skilled lawyers. We focus on Calgary, including the surrounding areas. No Alberta resident need to navigate this complicated field of the law without competent support and guidance. Our lawyers can be with you every step of the way and anticipate problems that may arise. We will endeavour to make your experience with real estate transactions as smooth as possible.

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