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Selling real estate in divorce needs careful consideration

When couples in Alberta file for divorce, one of the most challenging decisions they must make involves the family home. While it is natural to feel the emotional need to keep the house, it usually makes more financial sense to sell it and share the profit. When selling real estate in divorce, it can be tricky to make sure the transaction benefits both spouses, and it may help to consider some matters.

Foreclosure numbers rise due to job losses and excessive debt

Many homeowners in Alberta are facing the loss of their residences -- some have already lost their homes. Facing foreclosure is stressful, and many people have no idea what to do or where to seek help. Reportedly, the number of Calgary residents who lost their homes over the past year is 2,277.

Residential real estate hurdles for first-time home-buyers

Purchasing a home is an exciting life event for many people. While Alberta residential real estate buyers will likely make sure they have experienced lawyers to guide them through the legal processes, some non-legal aspects might deserve to be mentioned. First-time homebuyers are sometimes overwhelmed by anticipation and emotion that could cloud their minds.

Real estate transactions need not be a nightmare

For most Alberta residents, purchasing commercial or residential property might be the biggest and most important transaction they will ever make. The laws surrounding real estate transactions are complicated and not to be navigated without the help of a skilled legal representative. At Lintott Law, you can get the necessary support and guidance to cover all of your legal bases while also protecting your interests.

Is residential real estate an affordable option?

A recent survey of homeowners indicated that large numbers of Canadians, including some in Alberta, regret buying property when they did. With the rise in residential real estate prices over recent years, the majority of the responders said they would not be interested in selling their properties due to the high replacement cost. There are even some who feel they would have been better off renting from the start because of rising interest rates.


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