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Why is home inspection for residential real estate so important?

The excitement of buying a new home typically stifles any considerations related to potential litigation in the future. However, purchasing residential real estate is a complicated process in which a lot can go wrong. Alberta residents who are in the process of such purchases may not realise the importance of having a qualified home inspector check every aspect of the property before signing final purchase documents.

Real estate advisors recommend that potential buyers get experienced real estate lawyers to look over the agreement of purchase and sale documents to ensure they contain home inspection clauses. Written in strong legal language, such a provision will allow a home inspection and the option for the purchaser to pull out of the deal if the inspection reveals serious problems. Some buyers decide that the home inspection can be waived because there are no obvious problems, but such a decision may bring regret later.

The untrained eye cannot identify foundation defects, plumbing problems, faulty electrical systems and more, and homeowners may find themselves without water six months down the line. Also, they might learn that faulty plumbing had also damaged the foundation. A homeowner who had waived the home inspection before finalising the purchase will have little chance of recovering any damages by suing the seller.

This is but one example of the type of calamity that can be caused by waiving the home inspection. To make sure the whole process of purchasing residential real estate runs smoothly -- and without potential future litigation -- many Alberta residents choose to utilise the skills of experienced real estate lawyers to protect their rights throughout proceedings. Such a legal representative can scrutinise all documents and make sure no steps are skipped or left unaddressed.

Source: FindLaw Canada, "Why you shouldn't waive a home inspection", Accessed on March 17, 2017

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