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Foreclosure can be equally stressful for borrower and lender

Property owners in Calgary and surrounding areas in Alberta who are experiencing problems with maintaining mortgage payments may have unanswered questions about their options. Foreclosure is a time filled with stress and anxiety -- not only for the borrower who might lose a house but also for the lender who seeks recovery. You may have attended one of the public talks about real estate transactions by an attorney from Lintott Law.

If you are facing foreclosure, our lawyers can provide information and help you set up a strategic approach rather than suffer the consequences of procrastination. We can answer questions and assess the situation to determine how foreclosure might be avoided. We can evaluate alternative options and assist with arranging refinancing if that is an option. We can also work to negotiate new terms and a repayment plan with mortgage holders.

Our attorneys can also protect the rights and interests of mortgage providers. We are known to provide professional advocacy for lenders to achieve the best possible recovery. Because the best recoveries are made in foreclosures that are promptly concluded, we aim to limit losses by maximising recovery and minimising the time it takes to process it.

Along with the guidance we provide to Alberta residents who are facing foreclosure, we can recommend experienced real estate agents and financial experts to provide further guidance. For lenders who come to us for assistance to recover unpaid mortgage obligations, we can work on optimising opportunities to recover losses while diligently working to achieve a favorable conclusion. To receive personalised, economical and efficient service the legal team at Lintott Law in Calgary is a solid choice.

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