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Residential real estate: Which to do first -- sell or buy?

Alberta families who have outgrown their homes may be in the market for a bigger, more spacious residence. The question is whether to buy a new home first or sell the current one beforehand. The answer depends on the people involved as both options have pros and cons. Regardless of the course of action, this residential real estate dilemma needs a backup plan.

First time buyer of residential real estate? Help is available

A first home purchase can be a daunting prospect. Many people in Alberta seek the skills of a lawyer who is experienced in handling residential real estate transactions to provide support and guidance. Along with a lawyer, other professionals will also play a role in this event.

Buying residential real estate as a newly divorced person

When a marriage ends, countless changes take place in the lives of the newly divorced individuals. Looking to purchase residential real estate soon after a divorce can prove to be quite a challenge. However, with proper guidance and the advice of an experienced legal representative in Alberta, it could be a painless process. A newly divorced person might not be financially ready for such an important transaction immediately after the divorce.

How to recognize a foreclosure scam

When Alberta homeowners experience tough financial times, they may fear losing their homes. Unfortunately, foreclosure threats may cause people to grab at straws without realising that any offer that sounds too good probably is too good to be true. Although there are remedies to such situations, desperation to hold onto the property may make a homeowner susceptible to swindles. Anybody who tries to rush a private purchase may have ulterior motives.


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