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Residential real estate: Tips for sellers

Alberta homeowners will know that circumstances change over time and one's first house is usually not the last. As a family grows, it may be necessary to get a bigger house, or older homeowners may need something smaller when all their children have left the nest. However, selling residential real estate is a complicated process requiring attention to detail.

Choosing the right real estate brokerage or agent and checking references is the first important step to take. The seller must sign a listing agreement, and understanding all aspects of the deal is vital. Ask questions and get legal assistance to understand every clause. When listing the property, ensure the inclusion of all details -- and remember to list the excluded items, such as appliances, furniture, drapery and more.

The seller must protect his or her own interests during the open house, and must make sure the agent understands the ground rules. Valuables and any mail or other items that contain the homeowner's personal information must be stored away safely. Review all offers along with expected closing dates to ensure everything aligns with personal plans, and be mindful of closing costs such as legal fees, commissions, moving costs and more.

Although selling residential real estate can present many pitfalls, help is available. An experienced Alberta real estate lawyer can provide the guidance and support required to ensure a smooth transaction. A seasoned lawyer can review and explain the listing agreement, and the details of all offers from buyers before closing the sale. The same professional can assist with the purchase of a new home.

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