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Real estate transactions: Check for grow house signs

Alberta residents who are on the lookout for residential property to purchase may not notice cleverly concealed damage to a house that may seem to be just what they wanted. A rather common problem appears to be properties that used to be marijuana grow ops. This type of activity inside a residential property can cause extensive damage to buildings, and it may be wise to have a qualified building inspector to give the property the once-over before any any real estate transactions are consummated.

Can mediation resolve residential real estate disputes?

Buying or selling houses in Alberta involves complex business dealings and contracts, often leading to disputes between buyers and sellers. If the parties fail to resolve residential real estate disagreements through communication, other potential remedies may be helpful. The prospect of going to court often leads to people walking away from arguments in which they were in the right, not realizing that there are other methods of dispute resolution.

Purchasing residential real estate? Beware the crafty realtor

When an Alberta resident wants to purchase a home, hiring a realtor is an important part of the process. Although most real estate agents are professional and ethical, some rely upon the psychology of sales to influence potential buyers. While this is not illegal, a survey found that potential buyers of residential real estate believe that many realtors withhold critical information.

Residential real estate: Tips for sellers

Alberta homeowners will know that circumstances change over time and one's first house is usually not the last. As a family grows, it may be necessary to get a bigger house, or older homeowners may need something smaller when all their children have left the nest. However, selling residential real estate is a complicated process requiring attention to detail.

Dual-representation when buying residential real estate

When Alberta residents consider purchasing homes, they may need answers to many questions. This applies in particular if it is a first venture into the area of residential real estate. One aspect of which prospective buyers may have questions is the fact that a real estate brokerage can represent both the seller and the buyer. Inevitably, this will create a situation with conflicting interests, and it makes good sense to understand the potential pitfalls of such an arrangement.


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