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Foreclosures can happen even if you make your mortgage payments

No one becomes a homeowner expecting to eventually find him or herself facing foreclosure. Having your home taken away is one of the most stressful experiences that can be suffered in the modern world, one that it would be nice to think we'd have moved past by now. Unfortunately, it is still a very real threat for thousands of homeowners throughout Alberta and beyond. What's more, there are more things than simply failing to pay your mortgage that can initiate the foreclosure process.

Some hidden costs of buying real estate in Alberta

When buying real estate, there are a number of costs beyond the base sale price that will almost certainly need to be paid, and it is wise to factor these into your plans when you are considering acquiring real estate. These fees can add up, and no one wants to be caught unaware when it comes time to transfer the property.

Smart home shopping in a slow market

It's no secret that many parts of Alberta have been experiencing a sluggish real estate market, which can be a great opportunity for enterprising individuals looking to pick up a property or two while the market is down. However, just because there are deals to be had doesn't mean that every deal is right one for you. If you're looking to take advantage of the market while it is in a slump, it is wise to plan your house hunt carefully and consider who you will be utilizing on your home-buying team to make sure that your good deal doesn't go sour.


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