Drafting And Reviewing Commercial Leases And Residential Leases

The business of commercial leasing or residential leasing can be complex. As a landlord, you want to make sure your contracts protect your interests. As a tenant, you want to exercise your legal rights when there is a dispute, or negotiate certain provisions.

At Lintott Law, we help landlords and tenants with drafting and reviewing effective commercial leasing and residential leasing agreements. Based in Calgary, Alberta, our real estate lawyers will ensure you understand all the terms of your agreement, and what your obligations are when issues arise.

Clauses In A Commercial Leasing Agreement

For many commercial tenants, problems can arise when you are unclear on a contract's specific provisions. For example, who will pay for repairs due to weather damage? Who covers the costs for maintenance?

Sorting through these types of details can be difficult. At Lintott Law, we will help you identify these clauses, and any other clauses that may be too general or problematic. We will advise you on your options to negotiate or omit any provisions that work against your interests.

For landlords, our legal team will ensure you have drafted a lease that aligns with what matters most to you regarding the property. Our lawyers will make sure clauses regarding land usage, tenant rights, and resolution methods are enforceable and compliant with current legislation.

Understand Your Leasing Agreement Before You Sign

Problems commonly arise when tenants and landlords - both residential and commercial - are unsure of their rights and obligations to each other after they signed a contract.

At Lintott Law, we will provide you with the knowledge and legal information you need to know before you sign any documents, and how to resolve any issues that may occur after you have signed.

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