Builders And Developers: Personalized Advice For Your Legal Needs

For builders and developers, it can be challenging to resolve any delays or issues related to building homes, condos, commercial properties and other construction projects. Problems may arise involving construction or builder's liens, negotiating with subcontractors, or simply understanding your rights and obligations within a dispute.

At Lintott Law, our legal team is dedicated to helping you keep your project moving. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we will help you draft effective contracts, review current agreements and resolve issues so you can achieve your goals.

We Stay Focused On Your Individual Needs

We understand that individual needs of different development and construction companies can vary based on the size and build of the project. Our team has extensive experience in real estate and corporate law matters, and leverage this knowledge to create effective contracts for your construction goals. We will highlight any risks and liabilities, and how to mitigate any disputes involving liens, defects and insurance.

Resolving Lien Disputes

We understand how frustrating it can be for clients when faced with a construction lien. We help you reduce the stress by identifying your options to resolve the issue in a timely and cost-effective manner. We will help you determine the best strategy to suit your situation, including:

  • A negotiated settlement
  • A court application to have the lien discharged
  • Lien enforcement
  • Other legal recourses as necessary

If pursuing certain alternatives are not worth your time and money, our legal team will tell you. Our goal is to resolve your issues quickly, timely, and avoid future problems.

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